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A Nocturnal Ramble · Lightecture no.35

A Nocturnal Ramble describes a nightwalk around London on Sunday 15th September 2019. It features in Lightecture no.35, an edition dedicated to the urban night. Read the ramble from p.86 here.

After dark, light both tracks and maps activity, and creates images of the city that can be promoted beyond its borders. Light becomes a symbol of what London values, and how effectively its co-creators and co-inhabitants are collaborating. London reveals itself after dark through an ever-shifting luminous collage of interactions, negotiations, ownerships, commerce, conflicts and power-plays. Light affects every living thing in the city - and those beyond its boundaries. It governs what we see and what we don’t.

Through light we edit, augment and erase the living spectacle of our cities. It is fundamentally a ‘collaborative’ medium, taking and giving form only in collaboration with surfaces, particles, and people. It is often messy, spilling over or blurring boundaries, intrusive or reassuring. Lighting design collaborates and conspires with all manner of city infrastructures and place making and -managing designs and devices - it does not act alone, but quietly nurtures or insidiously colludes.


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