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Scotopia · Interior Realms · Theatrum Mundi

Scotopia is a series of vignettes written for Theatrum Mundi's book, Interior Realms.

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Interior Realms · Theatrum Mundi

Bird's eye (On flying into London at night)


Sodium streets (An ode to sodium light)


Mismatched lamps (On my secret love of mismatched lamps, colour inconsistency and messiness of urban light)


Bulkhead (On one of the simplest forms of lighting - a lamp in a box - and its ubiquitous use in social housing and on construction sites)


Apertures and scrims (On windows and views through their dressings at night)


In praise of unstable light (An ode to old fashioned (i.e. not LED) lamps)


Darkness (On the slow extinction of darkness)


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